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 diary drawing.blablabla.three basic shapes in a field of small talk.bauhaus was dismantled by the nazis.nazis presented themselves as the new and only civilization,destroying all that makes life valuable.  embroidery and cut out(lapels)
 pas de deux-diary drawing.inepta(a silly,een onnozele).bomber jacket.a bomber is to hide the pilot after crashing.the lining is to make him visible when needed.text cut out:quod tibi natura,(your nature,orientation).the jacket was made for an exhibition in beeckestijn,a home of the rich and educated.  embroidery,cutout and some paint
 pas de deux-diary drawing.black moon(zwarte maan).a pink triangle,a black circle and a white square in a field.somewhat hidden.  embroidery
 pas de deux-nihillum video.diary drawing on skirt.male.  embroidery and text                          
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 pas de deux-diary drawing.in stilte gezien(seen in silence).  embroidery,text and cut out
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 pas de deux-diary drawing.oh deer.  tight and loos embroidery                                                                   
 diary drawing.mammiepapa (mummydad).  embroidering female pleats away.                                         
 diary drawing.two worlds.first of a collection of drawings,to be completed on the lining of the jacket(nsfw).  embroidery
 diary drawing.icarus                                                              
diaries-torn pages(obey)
 diary drawing.hunt.one of two drawings on two jackets.part of an installation.see public appearing.                                         
 diary drawing.replicating father.squares on a waistcoat giving a visible structure on soft skin.done with thin sewing thread.jacket washed to shrink and get a soft cuddly skin that is shielded by squares  hommage to jan schoonhoven 
 pant tattoo-drawing  embroidery
 diary drawing.rooting(wroeten).  jacket made of three jackets.embroidering.  background a drawing by hans bossmann.
 diary drawing.scold.  biro pen (bic) on leather.
 diary drawing.baring.detail.  sewing machine and hand embroidering
 diary drawing.screech(krijs).  cross stitching and scratches on a shawl cut from a morning coat 
 diary drawing.screech(krijs).detail
 diary drawing.remember remember remember.  embroidering
 diary drawing.remember remember remember.back   
 bianca.back  embroidering and cut out
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 diary drawing.respirare(ademen,breathing).  embroidering and photograph on pants
 diary drawing.respirare
 tibet.dragon  embroidery and cut out
 diary drawing.shark attack.
 autumn.the skirt,it.  embroidering and applicatio
diaries-torn pages(chase)
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